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The main purpose of the journal "INTERDISCIPLINARITY IN THEORY AND PRACTICE" is a presentation of modern approaches in the intensively developing interdisciplinary branches of science in order to offer useful information for readers as well as to propose a possibility to integrate these knowledge into the scientific-research and educational areas of readers. The multidisciplinary character of individual articles is substantial for this journal. All articles are oriented into the domains of theory and research and they are reviewed professionally. The reviewers are competent fully in their research branches; they are reputable experts with a wide range of the relevant scientific-research activities. The research-oriented articles will offer results of the original research activities of authors with a correct methodological embedding, adequate theoretical support and with an importance within the relevant international scientific communities. This journal will publish not only the essential theoretical and research studies but also the selected papers from conferences oriented into the intended area.


ISSN: 2344 - 2409

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